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Welcome to Concentrix Business Solutions where we provide SEO as well as other related services in the digital marketing industry with specific focus on the appliance industry in particular.

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About Us

Standing out from competitors in the appliance niche can be a real challenge, but we can assist you in tackling this problem using SEO, excellent content, digital marketing, and web design services. This way, we are ready to help you increase your sales, providing your business with maximum exposure to succeed.This is particularly the case for appliance manufacturers, where being at the top of the list has the potential of propelling a company to the echelons of success as many people are likely to be drawn to a company that is easy to find on the internet.

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have services such as keyword optimization where we determine appropriate keywords that should be used on the website, link building where we identify more good links to the site and technical SEO that identifies other enhancements, which needs to be made to the site. The issue of optimization of your site to meet the search engine optimization standards will be tackled by our team of experts to have your website rank high with regard to the specific search terms that consumers use.

Content Creation

To state it simply, in the digital world, content is king and thus, creating and having a vast and relevant, attractive and interesting content base is an important asset for any appliance business. We invest our time into crafting well-written, engaging, and informative text for your website: product descriptions, service pages, and blog posts. The content is then shaped in the form of well-written blogs that will meet your customers’ needs while positioning your brand in the appliance niche.

Website Development

In particular, a distinctive web design is significant according to providing users with a clear, comfortable, and efficient interface, as well as transforming visitors into consumers.That is why we guarantee that your website is fast, secure and scalable and has all the potential for the further development.This means that we are able to present the user interface in a friendly manner to make the users convert. In order to meet and provide a seamless browsing experience, regular cross-browser and cross-device compatibility testing is done on them.

Digital Marketing

Communication through the use of websites, social media and other online platforms should be adopted since it covers a wider market and convinces buyers to buy the products. We develop effective PPC strategies on the consumer advertising networks such as Google Adwords and Bing to aim traffic to your website right away.Organizing and effectuating content in your social account and official brand pages to promote your brand. Our clients and customers remain informed through formulated and implemented email marketing strategies.

Why Choose CBS ?

Working with Concentrix also offers the advantage of positioning the client with a team of dedicated professionals focused on the business’s success. You know, we know how the appliance industry works and how it can change, so using our products, you will be able to solve problems specific to your business. In this way, with our services of Digital SEO and Web content writing for the business, We packaging a comprehensive plan of digital marketing for any business website and make sure to get it ranking in every aspect.

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When it comes to Concentrix Business Solutions, you can achieve far and wide online exposure, interact with the clients, and make sales records that you only dream of. Thus call our experts today so that you can achieve your 6 month goals far sooner!

What Do Our Clients Say?

“That was then. This is now. Concentrix successfully embarked on a digital marketing mission for our business through SEO, content, and advertisement. These people are competent and efficient. Do engage in their professional services.”


Concentrix' staff is highly competent and goes the extra miles to ensure that the business needs of their clients are met. The web development services offered by the company helped to design and create a classy, efficient web page, which has had considerable positive impact on our clients. I am glad that we hired Concentrix”.


“When it comes to the digital front, Concentrix has been very proactive. The optimization and content services offered delivered a highlight in the search engine positioning. The company’s marketing management brought a paradigm shift with specific target marketing that led to more traffic to our website. Hence, the sales have also received a boost from this firm"